Customer Testimonials

Teriyaki Madness is amazing! The service is excellent and friendly, but the teriyaki is the best that I have every had. The portions are large, which means that I normally have leftovers. The chicken teriyaki is tender and smothered with flavorful teriyaki sauce that is the right texture and consistency. All the teriyaki dishes come with a cucumber salad, which is quite tasty. In addition to the food, the price is reasonable- especially the "daily special." This is the only teriyaki that I will drive out of my way for because it is definitely worth the trouble. You'll never want any teriyaki from anywhere else after you taste Teriyaki Madness.

Posted by Matthew M. Issaquah, WA


Food: Delicious spicy chicken teriyaki and beef short ribs/kalbi! Many other Japanese/Chinese entrees are also available. Most entrees come with a good amount of rice and a yummy cucumber salad. Service: Nice Korean family owned restaurant. They do get very busy during the lunch hour rush so it is recommended to call orders in advance if possible. Value: A great deal for good portions of food. Ambiance: Typical strip mall joint, but kept nice and clean. Very limited seating (maybe 3 tables and then a few bar stools on their counter).

Posted by Amy S. Bothell, WA


Hands down the best teriyaki in the world.

Posted by Lena K. Edmonds, WA


wooo hoo~!!! This is by far the best teriyaki restaurant in washington. I've tried teriyaki at so many restaurants but teriyaki madness is my favorite. Their portion is just awesome and the teriyaki sauce is so good it's addicting. Once in awhile I like to try their katsu which also comes with a special sauce for it. keep it up guys..

Posted by googligan


Without a doubt the best teriyaki in the world. I lived in the Seattle area for 5 years and went almost every week. Every time I come back to town I MUST go there. I would give it more stars if possible. Always very consistant. I love the chicken special with the Schriracha sauce. Cuts the sweetness a bit. The cucumber salad is also the best. Would love to know how they make that sauce. I've only tried a couple other things and the were great as well, but keep coming back to the chicken teriyaki special. Nothing better anywhere. Just wish every teriyaki place would make it like this.

Posted by Evie C. Englewood, CO


In Houghton. I have also only ordered the special. It's quite good. Here's how I'd describe it: 1. Large serving 2. Decent quality chicken 3. A VERY SWEET teriyaki sauce, almost candy-like. If you are looking for hot peppery teriyaki, go elsewhere, but if you like the sweet candy sauce this is your place.

Posted by Chris O. Kirkland, WA


The best teriyaki I've ever had in my life. They just remodeled the dining area, so now it is very bright and colorful. I've never ordered anything except the daily special, which has been the daily special for the 9 years I lived in Seattle. Chicken teriyaki with more rice and salad (pickled cucumber salad, yum!). It's a little more than $5, what a great deal because there is so much you can usually stretch it for 2 meals.. Once in awhile I will throw in some gyoza.

Posted by Sarah M. San Francisco, CA


Love it
Moved to the area 6 years ago and have made Teriyaki Madness part of our 'family menu' at least twice a month! Great selections and Service at a Great Price! Pros: Selection, Service, Price Cons: Cucumber Salad is always fresh but flavor can very

Posted by loririch89


Very good teriyaki chicken. I used to go here all the time. They have great teriyaki with good char broiled chicken! Their sauce is thick and syrupy and sweeter than most this is what i really like about them. They also give you a lot of extra chicken if you ask for no salad and just extra rice :) I used to only get the dark meat because i don't think they offer white meat at extra cost, they do now for sure (some places still do not offer only white meat and its the only way i take mine now). Their salad isn't half bad I just prefer the extra rice. Their price isn't too bad either.. The dark meat used to run me 5.01 on the button every time, i think the price as come up a little since then, so its about average with other places now, the white meat is of course extra. Give them a try they are great! my 2nd or 3rd favorite teriyaki!

Posted by Kelly K.